Magpie with Dean Johnson Head of Innovation at Brandwidth

Dean’s one-liner: I have been designing the future for over 30+ years (I started young)  I work for Brandwidth alongside clients like Apple, Disney, Porsche, BBC, Warner Music and Guinness World Records

5 phrases that describe your week so far

Virtual, Connected Cars, FashTech, Dumbwatch, Cupertino

What’s been the big theme/subject of the last 12 months?

I’m going to say VR and AR (again) but right now it is a hugely exciting time especially with what people like The Void are doing in terms of a multi-dimensional experience.

Where do you think all the ideas are coming from right now?

Brandwidth have been working with teams from Poland, Israel and Canada and I’ve been blown away by where they’re taking the thinking. As an example, The start-up scene in Poland is really dynamic and they are all motivated to make stuff happen. I’ll be back there next week!

What tech/product finally broke through in the last few months?

‘Hearables’. The ability to tune out of the noise and focus on one conversation, even if that conversation is with your smartphone. Wearables are still big and they’re finally being adopted by the fashion industry. That industry has real attitude – if they can make a success of wearables ‘beyond the watch’ then look out.

One thing we can’t ignore in the next 3 months?

The Olympics. It’s going to be another feeding frenzy for design and tech.

One trend you’ve seen that can be applied in a different sector?

YouTubers and Vine Stars. Applicable almost everywhere!

One thing you learnt last week. And from whom?

Amazon can change your account password if they think you’ve used it somewhere else. I learnt this from Amazon and it’s useful (secure) and worrying (insecure) in equal measures. I now have a new one that I won’t be able to remember.

Which is the next sector ripe for change?

Automotive, Law and professional services on a wider scale

3 things/products you can’t work without?

1. iPhone
2. Pilot BPS-GB (it’s a pen)
3. Analogue watch

The secret hack that you’re really loathed to share but must?

If you work within the motor industry, or just love cars… I’ve learned that clients are often the slowest to supply assets. EVERY image lurks here first:

What are you currently…?

Reading. Mr. Mercedes (Stephen King)
Clicking. Dead screen of my latest DumbWatch
Watching. The Sopranos (complete box set)

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